Point a Previous Blog's Subdomain To New LiveBooks Blog Page

You are able to set up a blog page type internally within your liveBooks site. The URL for this blog page is most commonly 'yourdomain.com/blog'. If you had a blog previously hosted elsewhere or you used our legacy blog platform, it might have been set to a subdomain (i.e. blog.yourdomain.com).

In order to not break any links, we suggest you change your CNAME/Subdomain's DNS settings within your registrar's control panel. The easiest way is to recommend you point the subdomain directly to the domain.  This will link the user to the homepage of your site and in turn, they will be able to access the blog page using the menu items.

  1. Login to your domain provider (ie. GoDaddy.com). If you do not know your domain provider, click here or contact our support team.
  2. Once logged in, find the DNS manager for the domain. Note: If you are having trouble locating the DNS manager or any of the below changes, we recommend contacting the support team for your domain registrar.
  3. Under DNS manager, change the current 'blog' CNAME record and point it to: 'yourdomain.com' or the @ symbol depending on how your registrar is setup.
  4. Save your changes!

Once you save your DNS settings, the changes should take effect soon.  Note there is always a propagation time for these types of changes. 

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